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Are britt robertson and logan henderson dating

Her attempts to adjust to the new town are crushed when five of her classmates, Adam Conant Thomas Dekker , Diana Meade Shelley Hennig , Faye Chamberlain Phoebe Tonkin , Melissa Glaser Jessica Parker Kennedy , and Nick Armstrong Louis Hunter , reveal to Cassie that she comes from a long line of witches and is the final member of their coven; with her they are able to unlock the full extent of their powers.

Initially Cassie refuses to believe that she is a witch, even after Adam helps her to unlock her powers. It is only after she discovers an old leather-bound book of spells left to her by her late mother, Amelia, that Cassie begins to accept her power. Inside the book is a message to Cassie explaining that she kept their real family history and her powers a secret in order to keep her safe; as the circle soon finds out, their powers attract dark and dangerous forces that constantly puts them in harm's way.

Circle members[ edit ] Cassie Blake played by Britt Robertson is a newly discovered Witch who, since the death of her mother, Amelia, has resided in the town of Chance Harbor, Washington. While Cassie initially dislikes the idea of being a witch, she later begins to accept her destiny and her family's heritage of magic.

Her mother's side goes all the way back to the beginning of witchcraft, while her father, John Blackwell, comes from a long line of dark witches. She is Diana's older half-sister through John Blackwell. Adam Conant played by Thomas Dekker is a natural born witch and one of the two male members of the Circle. Adam is instantly attracted to Cassie Blake, despite his relationship with Diana Meade.

It is Adam who helps Cassie unlock her powers and encourages her to join the Circle. The attraction that he and Cassie share causes a strain in his relationship with Diana. Faye Chamberlain played by Phoebe Tonkin is an eccentric and free-spirited witch who uses her powers recklessly and selfishly. Frequently brash and irresponsible, Faye often challenges authority. She is best friends with Melissa Glaser.

She does not believe that Diana Meade deserves to be the leader of the Circle and resents the fact that Diana has found her family's Book of Shadows while she hasn't. Diana Meade played by Shelley Hennig is a witch and the responsible, but strict leader of the Circle. Diana is good friends with Cassie Blake, despite the attraction between Cassie and Diana's long-term boyfriend, Adam Conant.

Diana is the first member of the Circle to discover witchcraft and, as of the series' start, the only member to have found her family's Book of Shadows before Cassie found hers. She is also Cassie's younger half-sister through their father, John Blackwell. She also has dark magic and Balcoin blood. She is Faye Chamberlain's closest friend and the former girlfriend of Nick Armstrong. In contrast to her counterparts, Melissa is more quiet and keeps to herself, but she is responsible and loyal to the Circle.

Nick Armstrong played by Louis Hunter ; regular in episodes 1—5 and is the second male member of the Circle. Prior to the start of the show, he and Melissa Glaser developed a sexual relationship. He showed reluctance to make it anything more than just about sex. After being threatened by Faye Chamberlain, however, he began to act nicer to Melissa and their relationship deepened.

Jake Armstrong played by Chris Zylka ; guest episodes , regular is Nick's older brother. He used to work for a group of witch hunters, thinking that witch-craft was responsible for the death of his family, before finding out that his parents were dead because the witch hunters killed them. He has an interest in Cassie Blake but sexual relationship with Faye Chamberlain throughout the show.

Others[ edit ] Charles Meade played by Gale Harold is Diana's father, he is a member of the previous generation of the Circle. Following the fire at the Boat Yard, Charles' powers are stripped from him, along with the other surviving members of his Circle.

In episode 1, he kills Cassie's mother with magic he got from the crystal. While initially she acts as though she does not know about the Circle, Cassie eventually realizes that they need her help and tells her the truth.

While she and Charles act as a team, she is the more sadistic of the two. However, she also prefers to have Charles do the work, including murdering Amelia Blake. She often butts heads with Faye, who accidentally kills her when her power was out of control. Dawn manages to revive her with a crystal, leaving her with a broken arm. Sally then becomes suspicious of Cassie, Adam, Diana, Nick, Melissa and Faye, especially after they left the hallway a mess from using their powers, but still tries to be friends with Cassie.

She doesn't appear after 'Loner'. Luke played by Zachary Abel is a boy who is friends with Adam and is attracted to Cassie when she first arrives in Chance Harbor. Through Adam, he asks her to the school dance in 'Loner' but amicably leaves her after she ditches him. In 'Masked' he is asked to attend a party at Cassie's house on Halloween organized by Faye, and is revealed to be a witch hunter. Ethan Conant played by Adam Harrington is Adam's father. He is an alcoholic, and owns the Boathouse Bar and Grill where Adam works.

Like Charles and Dawn, he was stripped of his powers sixteen years prior to the series' beginning. He continually complains about how he never was with Amelia Blake, despite the fact that they were "written in the stars" and misses her more than Adam's mother. He eventually tells Diana that Adam is destined to be with Cassie, resulting in their breakup. Later he recovers from his alcoholism, realizing he needs to be a better father. He has a rivalry with Charles Meade, mentioning multiple times that he has always been a bully.

He also hates John Blackwell, at one point trying to kill him. He does not appear after 'Lucky', but is mentioned by name in 'Curse' and 'Prom'. At the beginning of the series she is killed by Charles Meade to bring Cassie back to Chance Harbor, but is mentioned many times throughout the series. She was John Blackwell's girlfriend, and let him into the Circle, but left him after realizing who he was. She stopped the demons Blackwell summoned at the boatyard fire, and was stripped of her powers along with Charles, Dawn and Ethan.

In a flashback, it is revealed she also knew Blackwell was the father of Diana. Isaac played by JR Bourne is a high-ranking member of the witch hunters. He is the one who Jake reports to regularly, and even after leaving the witch hunters, Jake still seems to have some respect for him. He arrives in Chance Harbor in 'Wake' and leaves in 'Balcoin', but later returns to get Balcoin's medallion from Jake, showing that he also respects Jake as a person. His faction of the witch hunters is called the "True Believers".

Ian played by Richard Harmon is a witch hunter. He first appears in 'Masked' trying to kill the Circle. He later appears in 'Traitor' having returned to Chance Harbor in Isaac's place though only out of respect for Isaac to warn the Circle about a witch who gave power to the witch hunters.

Eben played by Sammi Rotibi is the leader of the witch hunters who will do anything to kill them, especially John Blackwell.

Sixteen years prior he used Ethan Conant's power to try to kill Blackwell, but it failed. He also killed Jake and Nick's parents personally on that day. After Blackwell returns, Eben summons demons into himself to protect him and aid him in killing witches, which causes a rift with Isaac and other witch hunters.

Lucy Gibbons played by Nina Kiri in her first appearance, Lauren Stamile in her second was John Blackwell's psychic sixteen years prior, who was at the boatyard the night of the "accident".

After seeing Cassie in the memory, she goes to meet her to warn her about the witch hunters, but is later revealed to be working for the witch hunters, as she was sixteen years ago. He comes to Chance Harbor after being called by Ethan Conant, to determine whether or not the next generation is practicing. Dawn kills him after he says he will alert the elders. Charles hides his body twice at his house, but it is eventually found. She is suspicious when Diana tells her Charles and Dawn are dating, and confronts Dawn.

Dawn later puts on a facade, where she may have attempted to poison her, causing a rift with Charles. She tries to kill Cassie to destroy her dark magic but fails, and informs Charles that she knows what he has done. She returns in 'Family', where she gives Charles and Dawn her power to save the children. He is a witch from another Circle. He realizes Cassie has dark magic and tries to warn her, but is stopped by Jake.

He later appears as a hallucination to Jake when he is sick. John Blackwell played by Joe Lando is Cassie's father, and a witch with dark magic. He returns to Chance Harbor after Cassie contacts him with his medallion. He is later revealed to be Diana's biological father due to an affair when Charles and his wife were separated. It is unclear what his intentions are until the final episodes, where it is revealed he fathered Cassie and Diana and caused all other female members of the Circle to get pregnant by their boyfriends, and then go to the boatyard, which he knew was a trap, to make their children orphans he could easily manipulate to form his own circle of dark magic.

His plans are ultimately stopped by Cassie and Diana. He also had an affair with Dawn, but it didn't work because when it started Dawn was already pregnant with Faye. Lee LaBeque played by Grey Damon is a practitioner of voodoo magic. Faye tracks him down in an attempt to get her solo magic back. He does a few things, but they all have consequences Faye dislikes, and she believes he is using her. He is using her magic to revive his girlfriend who is in a coma, but he and Faye also develop feelings for each other.

Eva played by Alexia Fast is Lee's girlfriend, who is in a coma. She later awakens and gains some of Faye's power due to voodoo. Callum played by Michael Graziadei is one of Lee's friends. He is also a drug dealer who sells Devil's Spirit.

He later realizes that Faye and Melissa are witches after a party and an argument with Lee. In 'Crystal' he attempts to steal one of the crystals, but the Circle stops him and "marks" him, ordering him to never return to Chance Harbor. He and Diana develop an instant attraction to each other, but problems arise because he lied to her about owning the boat he just works on it , and she is a witch.

He later offers her to leave Chance Harbor with him.

Are britt robertson and logan henderson dating

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  1. Mind beneath an intimate body. He first appears in 'Masked' trying to kill the Circle. In 'Masked' he is asked to attend a party at Cassie's house on Halloween organized by Faye, and is revealed to be a witch hunter.

  2. FAQs How do I search for words within the full text of a document? Looking at his hair, we can say that this photo was taken in back in July. American male child actors21st-century American logan henderson dating history actors and 21st-century American singers.

  3. Largest programming body speaks a guide. Adam Conant played by Thomas Dekker is a natural born witch and one of the two male members of the Circle.

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