How to fix emotional distance in a relationship. 8 Things All Couples Can Do To Fix Their 'Broken' Relationships.

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5 Steps to a Better Long Distance Relationship

How to fix emotional distance in a relationship

Oh, your boyfriend of three years is going to college out-of-state? You will be ok. Distance makes the heart grow stronger. I give them four months. The Comic Book My sister, Ryosuke, his niece, his nephew, and I on Skype However, a study in the Journal of Communications has shown that absence might truly make the heart grow fonder and that couples who participate in a healthy long-distance relationship can have more meaningful interactions than couples who see each other daily.

Apparently you can judge how meaningful an interaction is. Science aside, my husband and I both agree that the nearly two years of long distance before marriage did the most to strengthen our relationship. Or, more specifically, we have both decided that we communicated most efficiently when we lived in different cities. When we had to work for it Skype, email, video messages, etc , we treasured what the other person said.

But before you judge your friends in long distance relationships, check out these 13 ways that long distance relationships can help, rather than hurt, a couple: The knowledge that if your survive the distance, your relationship can survive anything Once upon a time, boy met girl, they fell in love, and lived happily ever after in the same house for the next three generations.

Or, if not mainstream, at least more socially widespread. And more than anything else, these long distance relationships are becoming a viable alternative to breaking up. According to a study done by Cornell University see a longer article on Huffington Post, here between a quarter and one half of college students are currently in a long distance relationship.

However, as anyone in college can tell you, most of these relationships do not last. You can go weeks without shaving. You can wear sweatpants all day. You can skip wearing makeup.

And no one can judge you for it. What did we talk about for hours every day? Honestly, looking back, I have no idea.

But man, those Skype calls were fun. Despite the 6, miles between us, I felt so close. We were so comfortable together. It was only almost a month into our honeymoon when we realized something was wrong. Somewhere along the road when we started living together, we forgot how to communicate.

What is she doing? The university told 63 heterosexual couples, half of which were a long distance relationship, to keep a communication diary and spend the next couple weeks completing questionnaires about their relationships. The distance between the couples varied between 40 and 4, miles. Those in a long distance relationship reported feeling a stronger bond than couples who lived in the same city.

They also claimed to feel their partners shared more of their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Once again, I am quoting from a Huffington Post article, here The takeaway: Cornell thinks that heterosexual couples in long distance relationships are emotionally closer than couples who live in the same city. As soon as you start to pull back, it becomes painfully obvious that your heart is no longer in it. Sadly, I rarely have any advice to give. One of the first and most important things I learned about long distance relationships is that it does not work if both people are not equally committed.

And the advice I give all new couples: Really, think about this. If the love of your life moves halfway across the world, that is not cause to break up just yet. But if the love of your life moves halfway across the world and neither of you has any intention of altering your future to end up in the same city, you should think twice about starting a long distance relationship.

After all, doing the distance for two years while your boyfriend is stationed in California is very different than doing the distance with a German exchange student who is unwilling or unable to move back to the states.

You will have to give up some things to make the distance work. While I found myself second-guessing our relationship in the earlier, pre-long distance months, after we lived apart, I knew my husband was committed. Even though it got a bit lonely, that security of knowing that he was just as committed as me was the best feeling in the world. You get to experience the life-changing love that you thought only existed in movies Being in a long distance relationship seems to bring out the inner romantic in everyone.

There is something about living several hundred miles away from the love of your life that makes you get creative. They did a special about us, since we were interracial. They force you to be independent in your relationship We all know those girls and to avoid sexism, I will also say boys who lose themselves in every relationship.

Couples in long distance relationships rarely have that problem. Living apart from your significant other or spouse is a great way to preserve the essence of who you are even though you are in a relationship. Can you imagine how silly that would be?

Keep your fingers crossed! Yes, long distance relationships require a lot of complicated things like love, commitment, trust, and emotional compatibility — but they also require a plan.

Some of the plans are short-term ironing out details for the next visit , some are mid-term I will spend two months of the summer in New York waitressing and staying in his apartment while he works an internship , and some are long-term when I graduate from college in a year and a half, we will get married and move to Japan.

Remember when I said that long distance relationships require communication? A lot of that communication comes in the form of elaborate planning. And if practice makes perfect, most long distance couples have gotten the complications of planning down to an art.

One of which involved a wedding We felt confident and secure in our life plans. However, as painful as celibacy may be and believe me, it can get hard — no pun intended , you rarely have to worry that your significant other is only putting up with you for sex.

Long distance relationships, by definition, are anything but physical. These relationships take a lot of emotional work. They require a terrifying level of communication and commitment. Really, just read any of the comments from love-struck long distrancers on this post. If you need more proof, check out the sub-reddit for Long Distance Relationships. Talk about a loving support group. Your Trust will grow exponentially I was honest and upfront with my then-boyfriend in the days leading up to his flight back to Japan.

I almost believed him. But as time progressed, a funny thing happened: I got better at trusting him. Who did he eat dinner with? Who is that girl who just posted on his Facebook wall?

Maybe he had a girl on the side. I had no choice in a long distance relationship. And that feeling of helplessness was magical. It was like a great weight was lifted off my shoulders. And so I gave up. Besides, we Skyped every morning during breakfast, sent texts throughout the day, and Skyped every evening for dinner.

I knew more of what he was doing during our stint in a long distance relationship mostly because we would run out of things to talk about than I did when we went to the same school. It is full of exotic travel and adventure Every time my husband came into town, I got to do all the touristy things that locals skip over. Our days were filled with beer factory tours, Tokyo Disneyland, a St. Every visit was special. Every time I got off the 11 hour bus ride, my husband would be waiting with a bouquet of flowers and chocolate; every time he got off the bus, I would be waiting with badly homemade breakfast.

Sometimes, when the bus got to be too much, we would meet in the middle for a weekend of exotic travel. We went skiing, climbed mountains, soaked in hot springs, and rowed across several man-made Japanese lakes. Now, happily married in a small apartment, we miss those days when we had an excuse to pack up and leave for the weekend. Responsibilities are no fun at all.

Because I knew about how much time we would spend on our daily Skype sessions between one and four hours , I could plan my day accordingly. This was important because we are different people with different needs. Long distance relationships teach you to clearly express, plan, and adjust your expectations Couples in long distance relationships communicate. All that communication has benefits, though aside from the male half of the relationship miserable — both parties get very good at effectively communicating.

Effective communication, in turn, leads to being able to express your expectations more clearly. My husband tells me it is completely natural. We would set laptops up in the kitchen and cook together while we chatted about our day. Sometimes we would cook the same thing; sometimes he would finish twenty minutes ahead and munch on stir-fry while I scraped burnt salmon from the frying pan.

Then I would pour a glass of wine, turn the lights down low, and pretend we were at a fancy restaurant together while I munched on burnt salmon. We would laugh, joke, and talk about everything under the sun. About once a week, one of us would cancel our Skype dinner date to hang out with friends, but we would always let the other one know ahead of time.

Long distance relationships are not for the faint of heart. It taught us a lot about ourselves, things we might not have figured out otherwise.

How to fix emotional distance in a relationship

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