How to read face lines. California fires: Searchers seek hundreds of missing.

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Face Reading In Urdu Part 2

How to read face lines

Already large enough to swallow large cattle and small cars. Or have they filled those holes by the time this issue hit the street? Now the story is getting re-told on national television. The show is hosted by journalist Paula Zahn and it will air at 9 p.

Central time this Sunday night on the Investigation Discovery channel. From the Facebook page of Paula Zahn, journalist: The popular young woman always had a smile on her face and was passionate about her love of fishing.

Her case was on the brink of going cold when detectives learned a second woman had been brutally attacked and left for dead. But miraculously the young woman survived. Would her shocking story bring a serial killer in the making to justice?

See the front page stories for all the rules and gory details. By now most of you know the drill. The bracket is announced this Sunday. Make your picks, put your name on your bracket, and either email it to me at ivan plattecountylandmark.

Some years it has been pretty easy to beat me, like two years ago when I think half the county did. Anyway, now is the time for me to tell you good luck even though I may not really mean it. All we want from them is to be entertained. Watch an Oscars show to have a political agenda thrown at me? The transition will be coming soon--April was the target date mentioned when the story broke. The Mosaic clinics have begun offering handouts to patients explaining the transition.

Will I have to change my doctor? Rotating specialists based in St. Joseph will no longer see patients at these clinics but you may choose to see them at their St. Will the services at this clinic remain the same?

Will the name of the clinics change? Where else can you get movie, crime, health and basketball updates in the same place? Speckman owns the Savannah Reporter and pens a column each week entitled Ponder the Thought. In fact, outside of my fellow columnists here in your Landmark, his piece is the only column in any newspaper I make a commitment to read each and every week.

My man Speckman was in fine form last week with some thoughts on political ads on social media. Welcome to the party, social media. On top of the fact that we actually provide advertisements that people read, watch and listen to, established old school media have been meeting the legal requirements of disclosure for decades.

Facebook thinks they invented the problem of fake ads. Uh, no, that is why the rest of us have been complying with state and federal laws for years; not to mention our base moral obligations.

Seems to me that newspapers are far more advanced and reliable on this issue than the shiny new social media. At least you could as of Tuesday night when I was a bit surprised to get an email from the Sprint Center folks letting me know this.

Anyway, that was a quick Between the Lines research project for the week. If you want two all session tickets you can still get them. Prepare for the fizzle, my shizzle. Well, he announces more things than that throughout the course of every home game, but you get the idea. You may not recognize his face but you will recognize his docile tones.

Landmark Live, your favorite variety show, starts at 6 p. The one in which the church fell on a vacant house next door? You may recall a media company signed us to a deal, tossed us some front money and then started promoting our video in various markets overseas. I just noticed in my Paypal account a quarterly residual payment has arrived.

By the way, we still own the copyright to the video and you can still view it for funsies on my YouTube channel at https: An inmate escaped beyond the walls of the facility on Saturday. It was the first time one of the guests had been able to sniff freedom in the history of this detention center, which opened in August of And his whiff of freedom was very short. After he dropped down from the wall--an estimated height of about two stories--he tried to run but was quickly taken into custody at gunpoint by an officer who just happened to be back there switching out his patrol car.

Right place, right time. Nor did the folks who run the jail. The answer is interesting--almost fascinating--on a variety of levels. Authorities believe at the time of his arrest he was on PCP. That sounds like a reasonable assumption based on what he was able to do and not be overly injured. Behind the booking desk is a small window. Wilson starts hitting the window. Using his head, he is able to break the frame of the window free and push the window through the opening into the parking lot of the facility.

The parking lot referred to is still inside the perimeter of the brick wall that surrounds the facility. This is on the back side of the administration building, by the way, viewable from Second Street. There are shatter points on it but it is still a solid piece. Holland says the officer attempted to deploy the taser on Wilson inside, before he had crawled through the window opening. We found the probes from the taser outside the window. Things are just getting rolling.

He somehow manages to scale the roughly two-story high wall. Was he able to simply scale it or did he jump on something. So Wilson--and remember the state of mind possible PCP in which authorities believe he was brought into the jail--scales the interior wall. As bad luck would have it for Wilson, he picked the area of the wall that had the farthest drop to the ground--as the land behind the jail slopes off in this area near the dumpsters , so his descent is estimated to have come from two stories high.

He takes off running. The officer just happened to be there. Very soon other units, including county units and at least one officer from the nearby Platte City Police Department, were closing in. A Platte City police officer was already with the initial deputy when a second county officer arrived.

But the fortunate timing of the patrol vehicle switch by the deputy eliminated any further chase drama. He was trying to get off the gurney to fight at that point in time. Wilson was taken to the hospital.

So we are free to speculate as to why he was kept in the hospital for nearly 48 hours before being brought back to the jail around 6 p. More power to those who do, however. Kinda like Best Buy giving you 12 months interest free.

Times have certainly changed. Remember some years ago when the Best Buy store that was located across from Metro North Mall was a madhouse? In the mids we would go in there looking for a new computer or to browse for new software and the aisles were full of people, shoulder-to-shoulder, positioning for a view of the stock while waiting to speak with an employee who could not answer our questions. There was always hustle and bustle, pushing and shoving. It must have been good, but they lost it somehow.

Speaking of changing times in the retail industry, change is in the air at Zona Rosa. This latest news comes months after we first reported sales tax revenues at the outdoor shopping center are not keeping up with bond payments backed by the taxpayers of Platte County. And Olshan Properties, the owners of Zona Rosa who in the past have covered the shortage in those bond payments, failed to cover the shortfall in A letter of credit was called upon by the bond trustee to cover the shortage.

And at last report, that letter of credit had not been replaced with UMB Bank, the bond trustee. A personnel change comes with all the above as a backdrop. The change is that Zona Rosa and Rosemary Salerno, the general manager of the shopping center since the time it opened in , have parted ways. Liquid Drano works much better than Liquid Plumr.

Maybe the stuff would work better if they spelled it correctly. Still feeling pretty good about that prediction, you guys. The next county commission meeting is Tuesday, Feb. Catch him on Landmark Live every Thursday at 6 at Facebook.

And based on some projected enrollment numbers being discussed, it may still be a very distant vision. This became clear after I sat in on a meeting of a long range facility planning task force last Wednesday night.

A potential plan that may kick in with a bond issue question around or talks about expanding the current high school. It talks about adding a new middle school on 80 acres of land that was donated to the district by MD Management along Hwy. That donation of land in triggered some speculation among the public that a second high school for R-3 might be on the not-too-distant horizon.

How to read face lines

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