Kelly clarkson dating reba mcentire stepson. The Truth About Your Favorite Country Singers And Their Spouses.

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Kelly Clarkson - Silent Night ft. Trisha Yearwood, Reba McEntire

Kelly clarkson dating reba mcentire stepson

Heartbreak In , country music sensation Reba McEntire received the shock of a lifetime. After 26 years of marriage, her husband of 26 years, Narvel Blackstock, decided that he wanted a divorce. By , he was her manager and supported her emotionally while going through a divorce from her first husband. The two became very close during this time and their relationship turned romantic. The couple got married in on a boat in the middle of Lake Tahoe. Her life and career were on the up and up.

How did it all begin? At a very young age, she was taught the value of hard work and contribution, paving the way for her future success and firey work ethic. Both her father and grandfather were rodeo steer ropers. Reba would often sing for the local radio and would sing the national anthem at rodeo competitions.

As a prize, she got to use a new Ford for six months. She says that she put a whopping 18, miles on it before it came time to return the truck. Around 1, copies of the record were created. Pinterest The Singing McEntires had two big hits while they were together: On their way to a gig one night Reba told her mother that she was going to tell all the people in the dance hall to go to church Sunday morning.

Her mother Jacqueline then taught her a valuable lesson she would remember for the rest of her life. At that moment, Reba has stated in interviews, she learned something incredibly valuable.

She kept singing locally whenever the opportunity presented itself. Reba hoped to become an elementary school teacher like her mother after graduation.

Her future, however, led her on a much different path. Pinterest He set out to help her launch a country music career in Nashville. She recorded a demo tape and just one year later, signed her first recording contract with Mercury Records. At a different rodeo, Reba also met her first husband. Marriage Reba married rodeo star Charlie Battles in , around the same time her music career started to heat up.

It only reached No. Grand Ole Opry Reba was invited to perform at the Grand Ole Opry in , her first appearance at the iconic home of country music and a major honor. The two exchanged some frustrating back and forths before he finally found her name. She almost missed the performance. The other half of her performance time was given to Dolly Parton. Little did the guard know that he was dealing with a future music legend.

Music Breakthrough Reba had her first Billboard No. After complaints about not having creative control over her music and being forced to record country-pop style ballads, which were not well liked by her she decided to leave Mercury. Instagram That same year, she was then given full creative control and released another album of songs she had previously released as singles called My Kind of Country. Two of the songs on the album hit the No. Reba finally had her true big break.

Instead of just singing her songs, she transformed her music videos into theatrical productions and took the part of portraying characters depicting a storyline. She then made it her goal to act in a least one movie during her career. She would end up doing a lot more than just that. Film Debut Reba McEntire eventually ticked one item off her bucket list when she made her acting debut in the horror-comedy movie Tremors, about giant underground worm-monsters.

Reba said that she enjoyed making the movie, though her co-star had a very different opinion. She was slowly making her dreams come true. Behind the scenes, though, not everything was as perfect as it seemed. This led to endless conflicts between the couple YouTube The two finally divorced in , though it was a tough process.

I was totally starting over. YouTube It is believed that the plane crashed due to poor visibility. Reba was still asleep at a nearby hotel when the event occurred and in the aftermath, she was devastated. She said it was like losing family. Many of the songs were about sorrow and lost love. Gasps could be heard from the audience the moment she stepped on the stage. The song was about a woman who contracted AIDS after having a drunken one-night stand long ago.

Getty Images This song and others have proven her to be a groundbreaking musician. Instead of recording new material for the album, she collected the original recordings of all of her favorite songs. The collection was to commemorate her 20th year in the music industry.

Only one song on the album made the Top 10 hits chart. Despite the negative reviews, the album went platinum and within just one year, she managed to turn everything around.

Instagram Reba was supposed to play the role of Molly Brown in the hit film. The part later went to Kathy Bates instead. The album was a hit and considered a dramatic comeback from the slight decline the previous year.

All of the profits from the song were donated to the Salvation Army. She was also about to start a new journey in her career. Around this time, she decided to take a hiatus from the music industry and instead starred in the Broadway revival of Annie Get Your Gun. Starting in , she starred in her own sitcom about a wisecracking single mother, Reba.

After it moved networks to The CW for its final season, the show was canceled, even though it was their top sitcom. Reba on the Small Screen Originally, the producers of the sitcom wanted the main character to be named Sally but Reba eventually convinced them to let her use her own name. She was convinced that using her own name would help attract her loyal fanbase. In real life though, Reba and Melissa are best friends.

Back and Better Than Ever Reba made her much-anticipated return to the music scene in , by releasing her 76th chart single. Her 23rd album, Room to Breathe, shot her back to the top of the charts when it was released in In , Reba went on tour with singer Kelly Clarkson.

She was back in the limelight again and would soon venture into other fields. She stared as Reba Gallagher, a recently divorced mother of two. Similar to her last sitcom, her character discovers that her husband is cheating on her and the two divorce. Instagram Later that year, Reba announced that she would be leaving her record label after 25 years and be signing a new contract with Valory Music Group.

In , shocking news reports online surfaced claiming that Reba had fallen off a cliff in Austria during filming and tragically died. Getty Images She later posted on Twitter to let everyone know she was okay. He passed away on October 23, Dolly Parton inducted Reba into the Hall of Fame on her behalf. Rebas has always said that her father was her biggest fan. Living Large Reba knows how to live large and enjoy the fruits of her success. This is apparent in her former home, a 12, sq.

Not getting the part may have saved her life though and she eventually became another immensely successful country musician. Reba, having toured with Kelly, was ecstatic about the marriage. To have my buddy as my daughter-in-law, I mean, who could ask for more? Just Wants to be Happy Elaborating on her divorce, Reba says that if the decision were up to her, she would still be married to Narvel.

She has had to make some major life adjustments after the shock divorce but in the end, she says that she just wants everyone to be happy in their lives. The New Love Interest Just a few months after the couple officially divorced, news broke that Narvel was already dating again. The two even went to a Katy Perry concert together!

Caught in the Middle New daughter-in-law, Kelly Clarkson, found herself in the middle of the divorce. Kelly reportedly urged the two to stay together. Reba and Narvel had reportedly already been living apart for years prior to the divorce. But even through the pain and heartbreak the couple still support each other.

Breaking Away Following the divorce from ex-husband, he stayed on as her manager for another year. The two had been working together since Some of her merchandise is available at Cracker Barrel gift shops. She told a country music website called The Boot that she loves her photos. Reba takes photos everywhere she goes or has someone get the perfect snap of the country queen. I can scan them and put them in my computer, and I am archiving right now.

Presidential Pals Reba is a downright lovable person. It seems like she gets along with pretty much everyone she meets.

Kelly clarkson dating reba mcentire stepson

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