Seiko monster 2nd generation review. Seiko Monster SZSC003 Dark Blue 3rd Generation.

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Seiko Orange Monster!! SRP309K1 Review! Second Gen.!

Seiko monster 2nd generation review

We will not argue about exquisite calibers, or exotic methods of construction. We will not analyze avant-garde design. We will focus on a type of watch that every person who loves watches absolutely must have.

This category encompasses all the watches we wear most frequently, our go-to watches, watches that we use for our day-to-day activities. These watches usually are used on the beach, when we do sports, and any time we do not want to risk our most beloved and usually expensive watches.

Beaters take most of our wrist time quietly, and we can depend upon them. It should be noted that the definition of the beater watch is a Casio G-Shock; but we at Monochrome insist upon the beauty of a mechanical timepiece.

We will argue that perhaps the greatest beater watch of all time is the all-time classic offering from the Japanese watchmaking giant, the Seiko SKX After three years in production, Seiko introduced the iconic , a diver watch that put the Japanese into a very strong position in the market. The was at that time cheap, easily accessible and also very, very reliable.

S Soldiers in the Vietnam War were quite fond of this model. The could withstand almost anything. Before its production ended in , it came in two distinct cases: Willard, portrayed by Martin Sheen, in the movie Apocalypse Now. The had two calibers A and B and was waterproof to m as well. In , Seiko introduced the Tuna, a purpose-built professional diver with many innovations in its design and construction.

So from onwards this gap widened, but without any noticeable worsening of performance in their more basic divers. The record of the and the qualities it proved to have functional, durable, cheap had earned Seiko divers a place in the hearts and minds of potential buyers around the globe. I think the concept of the beater watch as defined in this article took shape with that specific model, and has continued to characterize this line of divers all the way to the present.

The predecessor of the launched in The , marketed earlier in Japan JDM , and had a cushion case and a jewel caliber that ran at 21,bph; its production lasted up until The , available in all parts of the world except Japan, became a staple for the working diver, for the spear fisherman, and for the recreational swimmer. It became a hit because it had all the properties of a good mechanical watch, it was superbly executed, and above all it had a great price tag.

The replaced it ; this model came in seven variations with a caliber having 17 jewels and running at 21,bph. Seiko changed the design of the case to a slimmed-down version, like the one we see on the Seiko SKX, a case inherited from the The was the very first non-prospex professional grade diver that had a water resistance of m for the late series, the first were resistant up to m , while at the same time it had a unidirectional click bezel.

The was another one of those rugged, cheap divers from Seiko. The model had great success on the market and was especially favored by the personnel of various military forces around the world. It was replaced in by the 7S26 series of watches. So as we have established, the SKX 7S26 series has a great pedigree; its ancestors were used and abused in the harshest conditions but always kept running.

The and the are especially considered all-time classic divers nowadays, and although they were produced in huge numbers, their prices on the vintage market continue to climb steadily.

For the purpose of the article we will stick to their best seller the SKX The SKX is an ISO certified diver watch, which is a very important distinction since it specifies a tool watch that is certified for actual scuba diving use in accordance with the very stringent standards set by the ISO organization: The presence of clearly distinguishable minute markings on the watch face.

The presence of an indication that the watch is running in total darkness. This is usually indicated by a running second hand with a luminous tip or tail. This test water solution has a salinity comparable to normal seawater. Testing diving watches for ISO compliance is voluntary and involves additional costs, so not every manufacturer presents their watches for certification according to this standard. The case is constructed from thick stainless steel L with an oversized crown and a handsomely designed crown guard that is very comfortable on the wrist.

It is clean, its readability is superb, the chapter ring is actually usable and the lume is mind-blowing. I think on front, Seiko has no competition, even compared with more expensive Swiss offerings especially into the range under 1.

Affordable quality is the name of the game here I think: A big factor that helps the Seiko SKX to be so reliable lies of course at its heart, the 7s26 caliber. This automatic movement has 21 jewels and beats at 21,bph. The ability to withstand abuse is a highly desirable feature for a beater watch. The SKX has several features that contribute significantly in this regard and a few of them are only visible upon removing the solid steel back.

The plastic spacer ring, combined with the sheer massiveness of the case, provides a great deal of additional shock resistance and also happens to be a more economical solution than a metal spacer ring. This blend of economic and sensible engineering is a trend that persists in almost every facet of the design of the 7S26 movement.

All the info regarding the 7s26 came from a marvelous review by John Davis, which you can find here. So, the Seiko SKX has a great, and reliable caliber, supporting its well thought-out construction and design parameters that are amplified by its pedigree and its very accessible price.

Could someone ask for more from a beater watch? I think here lies the quintessence of such a timepiece. It does not possess the historical significance of a Blancpain FF , or the military heritage of the Omega Seamaster , or even the universal recognition and investment factor of the Rolex submariner.

Those watches, after all, are milestones in the history of the watchmaking industry. What it does have, though, is an unparalleled quality, and it is exceedingly honest, almost to a fault. It is an economically designed and constructed diver watch that was created for maximum performance and robustness at minimal cost. It has no pretense of being the greatest diver watch ever, but it enjoys plenty of wrist time, for a variety of reasons. Others might acknowledge its low value and use it as we all should use watches and mechanical creations in general; use them for what they were made for.

For that — for everyday, hard working used under sometimes punishing conditions — the SKX is the perfect choice. Some might wear it a lot because they respect it for what it is. It is heartily true unto itself as a low cost, low maintenance, long lasting and well functioning automatic diver watch. If reliability is your number one priority, then this watch is the obvious choice, and it does all that with no sacrifice of accuracy or style. Others might actually like it best for all of these qualities-me, for instance.

The beater divers from Seiko managed to capture the hearts and minds of the regular watch-maniac audience because they offer so much and ask for so little, but above all, the most significant accomplishment in the SKX conception and implementation is that it managed to offer to countless people the experience and the joy of owning a mechanical watch at all.

For that alone, even if we forget all of its many virtues, the Seiko SKX and its ancestors might constitute one of the most important bloodlines in the history of watchmaking.

Seiko monster 2nd generation review

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  1. It should be noted that the definition of the beater watch is a Casio G-Shock; but we at Monochrome insist upon the beauty of a mechanical timepiece.

  2. We will not argue about exquisite calibers, or exotic methods of construction. A nice touch is its signed compass crown with the Seiko 5 emblem on it.

  3. A nice touch is its signed compass crown with the Seiko 5 emblem on it. These naughty MILFs sure know how to fuck and they pull out all the stops — no inhibitions. Come to think of, it did make sense.

  4. I wished Seiko had opted for the traditional diver-style markings, with prominently enlarged markers at the 15th, 30th and 45th minute positions.

  5. It became a hit because it had all the properties of a good mechanical watch, it was superbly executed, and above all it had a great price tag.

  6. These girls are smoking hot and super teases! I did though change the strap into a leather one from Hirsh.

  7. It looks and feels absolutely gorgeous. The G-Shock series has been known for long as sturdy shock-resistant watches with force-absorbing resin body. It became a hit because it had all the properties of a good mechanical watch, it was superbly executed, and above all it had a great price tag.

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