What camera does logan paul use. Logan and Jake Paul Beef Explained.

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Jake Paul VLOGGING Setup - What Camera He Uses

What camera does logan paul use

That's the easy part. When I followed around the year-old earlier this month, he had just finished filming a six-second clip that, with clever editing, shows him leaping over a speeding car and into the middle of a highway, flipping backward over a motorcycle, grabbing a cat from the road, spinning away from another car, and carrying the cat to safety.

Of course, it's heavily edited the cat was never actually in danger , but viewers don't care about that. It has already racked up more than 20 million views. Despite his mastery of Vine, however, Logan is dreaming of something much bigger, which is why he dropped out of Ohio University last year and moved to Los Angeles. I'll do whatever it takes to get that. As many hours as is needed. He hasn't proved that the silly style that works so well in six-second videos on 4-inch screens can work in any other context, and he hasn't shown that he knows how to do any other.

Like any aspiring star, Logan is on the clock: He will only be this young and this pretty for so long. His fan base — composed largely of young girls — is getting older, too, and there is no guarantee they will stay with him or that the next generation will take their place.

Logan is convinced this is his window of opportunity, that he has to keep up with the "Hollywood pace of 'go go go go'" if he wants to cross over into mainstream fame. When he hired a financial planner and a manager, he wasn't clear on what exactly those representatives were supposed to do. Logan ranks 10th on that list and is neck-and-neck with a guy named Jerry Purpdrank, who lives down the hall. As to how they ended up on Vine Street, he seems uncertain.

I went to the apartment on Vine Street for a few days to visit Logan and experience the life of an internet celebrity. The apartment complex, which has various checkpoints requiring a resident code to access, is a little confusing at first I got stuck on the elevator twice. But when I finally made it up to Logan's apartment, which he shares with his brother Jake, I was nearly swept off the floor by a smiley, light-haired, light-eyed, 6-foot-1 boy-next-door star-of-the-football-team.

In the entryway, I was confronted with a massive photo of Logan, Jake, and a bunch of unrecognizable social-media stars on the wall, all posing in a riff on Da Vinci's "Last Supper. Jake's manager, Alex, is out there with him, as is film director, producer, and YouTuber Casey Neistat, who a few days later would launch a social app called Beme.

Logan licks his thumb and kneels to wipe a thin veil of dirt from his otherwise immaculate white Converse sneakers, before hopping back on a two-wheel electric scooter that looks like a Segway crossed with a skateboard. I have counted three other scooters strewn about the apartment so far — Logan tells me various brands keep sending them to him but he's not contracted to promote any by name. He goes round and round the living room, which is practically empty save a couch with a broken leg and an orange chair, while looking at his phone tethered to a massive Mophie charging block in his front pocket.

A inch television screen is mounted to the wall. There are dishes in the sink and about half a dozen chargers on the counter. The garbage needs to be taken out. Logan is still circling the room on his scooter when his apartment door flies open and a gaggle of men in the LA uniform of tight jeans, high-top sneakers, and oversize T-shirts glides in on their electric scooters.

This particular crew includes a mixture of residents and visitors. With more than 12 million followers, King Bach ranks as the most popular person on Vine, beating out major celebrities including Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, and Justin Bieber. Accompanying him is Jerome Jarre, who, with 8. They are joined by Marcus Johns, who has 6.

Cameron Dallas is also there: Cameron topped Twitter with not one but two trending hashtags that week. The boys seem to have their eyes fixed on their phones, which rarely leave their hands. If one of them makes a funny remark, you'll hear someone yell, "Yo, yo, yo, shut up, we're filming. In a swift 10 seconds or so, one records another saying something funny, plays it back, scrunches his face, shoots another take, then gives everyone the go-ahead to start talking.

Within a few minutes, most of the boys have wheeled out the door on their scooters. It is reminiscent of a college-dorm lifestyle, except with luxury apartments instead of by-8 cement cells. This afternoon Logan is going over the details for a performance he will be giving later that week at a nightclub. In an attempt to extend his brand, he will be singing a raunchy song that he thinks college students will love. See, Logan's success on Vine comes from a charming mix of goofy physical comedy here's one where he's doing a perfect backflip after slipping on a banana peel and plays on PG-rated memes here he and a bunch of friends are dancing to T-Wayne's "Nasty Freestyle" with Logan's mom.

His brand is safe, squeaky-clean, good-old American fun. It's a brand that works well with his audience of 8 million young girls. But Logan is absolutely convinced the boy-next-door image is the one thing holding him back from major stardom. I want to be in R-rated movies. It's time for me to grow up and expand my brand of comedy because the dirty stuff is the fun stuff.

That's the stuff that gets the college people laughing. Some of my Vines, the young girls love them. But college students will watch them and be like, yo this is dumb. Like I could do a Vine for Fleshlight or something. Logan will get his shot at performing his edgy song, "Stank Dick," later this week, but next on the schedule he's got to get ready for acting class.

Because I could have made Vines from Ohio. What's the first thing you do when you get out here? You start taking acting classes," Logan tells me, then stands up, checking his pocket for his phone and his keys. Logan is the only member of his crew who goes to the four-hour acting class at Anthony Meindl's studio, so we set off without his usual posse. We walk across the apartment complex, past the comically large pool, past the patio complete with a gas grill and chairs.

Logan pauses as we make our way across the patio. You see those billboards? There is one about him and Jake, "two kids from Ohio who know how to make videos on the internet and do it because it's fun and makes us money," and one Logan tells me is tentatively called "Hollywood and Vine," about this friend group of Vine stars who all ended up living on Vine Street.

Both shows would feature Logan starring as Logan. We reach the business room in the apartment complex, which consists of a few desktop computers and a printer. As he prints his lines for an audition he's going on tomorrow, he tells me he's "addicted" to the legendarily soul-sucking process.

Logan drags a highlighter across the page, scrawling the character's name — Jimmy Borelli — at the top. I feel like I have a hard time conveying that to the casting director. Like, I walk in and they're like, 'Yeah, you're it. And I get kind of nervous because I don't really know how to develop a character.

We make our way to acting class, which is about a 6-mile trip to West Hollywood — a minute commute in LA time. The acting class is in a small black box theater. The students all seat themselves every two or three seats. Logan takes a seat in the second row. The first 15 minutes of class is a monologue about self-doubt from the teacher. Then there are some icebreaker games, reminiscent of summer camp or the first day of freshman year at college.

What camera does logan paul use

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  1. You see those billboards? Suicide is not a joke, nor should it ever be a driving force for views.

  2. After walking for a short time into the forest, Paul and friends come across the body of a male suicide victim hanging from a tree. Like, I walk in and they're like, 'Yeah, you're it. As of this article's publishing, Paul has approximately

  3. Some of my Vines, the young girls love them. Like any aspiring star, Logan is on the clock:

  4. YouTube punishes Logan Paul for 'suicide forest' video According to YouTube's advertiser policy guidelines, "serious or repeated" violations of its policies can cause ads to be disabled on a user's channels or the user can be suspended from the YouTube Partner Program.

  5. A young kid disturbed by the video may see others in the Logang defend his actions, which could possibly deter them from getting help or speaking out against the video's content. Within a few minutes, most of the boys have wheeled out the door on their scooters.

  6. PST An earlier version of this story stated that there were no resources in Paul's video, which has since been pulled.

  7. In the entryway, I was confronted with a massive photo of Logan, Jake, and a bunch of unrecognizable social-media stars on the wall, all posing in a riff on Da Vinci's "Last Supper.

  8. Why are YouTube and these creators not held to the same standard as a TV channel or movie studio. On Friday, YouTube said it has temporarily suspended ads on the social media star's channels. We walk across the apartment complex, past the comically large pool, past the patio complete with a gas grill and chairs.

  9. Beyond YouTube, he also earns money from his other social media accounts and his clothing line Maverick by Logan Paul.

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