Activated charcoal teeth whitening side effects. Dentist warns against charcoal teeth whitening trend.

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Quiz does your crush like you

Quiz does your crush like you

It talks about true friends in your life and people that come and go and are unreliable. You could say he was one of the popular kids, but I was still comfortable talking with him. We started messaging each other, we went to a school dance together and sometimes we stayed up super late talking.

Weeks later I was informer he had gotten a girlfriend and I was crushed! He admitted his feelings towards me and then dates someone else!

For the rest of the year he ignored me and I was so hurt. A year later it turned out we were in the same tennis team. I tried to keep my distance as much as possible but he kept talking to me. Long story short, I gave in and started talking to him. Everyone deserves a second chance right? We practiced together, cheered for each other and he even let me borrow his hoodies when it was cold.

One day I felt like sharing the someone had asked me out, but I said no. I felt so useless and dumb. Was I not supposed to say that? I just felt like I could say anything and he gets mad?!

Ever since his girlfriend keeps being so mean! But what upsets me the most is that he is always staring at me and sometimes tries to make a conversation, but when he sees me walking around and he is with his girlfriend he hugs her and suddenly holds her hand.

At the end of month two he comes to my house, picks me up and we go back to his house and we have sex, my first time having sex as well! He really wanted to go to the movies with me and would ask every day and remind me about our date on Saturday. The challenge is gone. My advice to you. But you can control yourself. Brokenkokoro There was this guy that I was just in love with in High school 3 almost 4 years ago now. He blocked me on FB right after HS with no reason, no explanation, no nothing.

I never got to tell him how I felt. So fastforward to this year, back in July I think. He messages me on FB. I guess I was unblocked at this point. I was surprised to hear from him and I was in a better mental place. He told me how he had a new job, a truck driver, and that it gave him a lot of time to think. He said that he had realized that he had liked me the whole time and apologized for the way he acted before. I told him that I had liked him too in HS and asked that he call me on the weekend so we could talk.

He promised he would call as soon as he could. We texted throughout that week. Come the weekend there was nothing. I texted him, and there was nothing.

He had blocked me again on everything. I was okay before he showed up again and then he did this? I can feel physical pain and I keep expecting him to show back up and apologize. I was dating a guy at work and he has serious baby mama issues. We were friends first, before we hooked up he told me that it was over a year ago for him.

We ended up hooking up. He told me he didnt want a relationship, but on the second day of blissful hanging out, I asked him if he would be open to a relationship. We hung out every single day, to my great surprise. Lots of feelings lots of fun. It seemed like the real deal. He came to me stating he was very interested in a relationship Well his baby mama had his kid and he was sad about that, but there was no bs drama. Baby mama got in touch…and now here comes the drama. She actually came to our work screaming bloody murder.

She stresses him the hell out. He now has the kid full time. I then tried to bail on the whole thing…saying he needs to focus on clearing it up, that I will be on the back burner and Ive done this before and its no fun. He came to me wanting to hang on.

He told me he wanted support snd people to be there for him. He made time for me. He declared he liked me. It was fun and flirtatious. It was intense and hard to figure out how to navigate our romance at work. Not the first time. Baby mama ditched the kid on him, once again. I called to check in on him. He was upset to miss work, thanked me for my concern, told me to call him later.

Well a couple hours later I get a call from him stating that he needs me to come get him and he was drunk in his moms basement. Told me i needed to leave work instantly. I pushed back saying i could get him in two hours and to chill. He got really upset. Saying i was a crappy friend, blah blah.

He had gotten me drunk from a bar once. I told him that he was safe, and ill be by in a couple hours but i cant leave work. I tried talking to him and called him and texted him. I got some weird cryptic smiley face message. Well today i just asked him through text if he was mad at me and how dumb that is because i could have got him in two hours.

Nothing, nothing at all. I got to work and he was a no call no show. I called left a message telling me to just let me know if hes ok. I sent one last text: This Maury Povich shit show is too much to handle. I should have had an apology first thing when he realized how crappy he was being.

So i dont know. I do think it truly is a case of going too fast, then it just blows up. I blocked his number. You gotta know how to handle baby mama. I do believe we were both wrong but I was willing to be the bigger person and apologize 1st. He ignored my apologies for a few days then suddenly contacted me saying we could move past it.

But things for the last 2 weeks were not the same. I saw him just Monday its Friday now and things seemed to be smoothing out…or so I thought.

When I texted him on Tuesday I got no response. It really hurts but everyone says not to initiate contact so I have resisted the urge.

Sending a text as she describes after some time has passed really is a great action to take. The wording she uses is perfect and I used something similar and the next morning the guy sent three texts saying he was sorry he just forgot to reply and then thought I hated him, and he never meant to hurt me. At the same time, working on your own insecurities is the best way to handle fear of rejection and will prevent it from happening the next time you meet someone you really like.

It changed my life!! How long did you wait before texting? In my case I have gone for 4 days without hearing from him. I cannot let it go because I really liked him and he just left me. Left me confused and wondering and feeling very sad. We met online and kept in contact for about 6 weeks before he just decided to stop responding back to my texts and my 1 phone call lol. I keep texting his phone and he is reading these messages, just not saying anything.

But after I went 1 month without texting him I broke down and decided to try to get through to him again this past Monday and I sent him another text Thursday.

Black online dating sites in south africa

Black online dating sites in south africa

Christian Dating in South Africa By serving Christian believers along with their faith, this Christian Online Dating site can make it much easier for you to definitely connect with compatible and like minded SA singles that share similar morals, values and beliefs. Those men and women who use Christian dating sites are assured that with God's guidance, every thing works out just fine. There are actually a number of reasons why individuals get involved in conventional Christian dating services.

No matter what your objective is, the nice part about finding someone through this internet site is Christ's presence in your relationship. Christians believe that there's no sense in hurrying things. So it's normal to discover numerous Christians seeking to begin a serious romantic relationship or in search of a possible marriage partner or just simply seeking to make Christian friendships on the internet.

They would like to get acquainted with one another initially and share their beliefs and other interests, like Christian music, Christian songs, Christian books and more importantly uplifting each other through the Gospel. If your belief system is important, then deciding on a Christian site that can help you meet up with people who have very similar values and faith is essential.

Meeting Christian Singles through Online Dating This Christian Online Dating site strives for the most effective user experience within the online dating market and specially aims to introduce you to Christian Singles from all over South Africa to live happily ever after.

Christian Dating Services emerged simply because Religious single people needed a means to make contact with other Christian singles in their community. God inevitably brings two individuals collectively for life, but there's no reason avoiding internet dating in search of Christian singles. There are virtually thousands of Christian single women and men on our Christian singles database looking for love and romance. This modern century we live in helps us by connecting Christian single people on the internet together.

There are numerous Christian relationships and marriages these days around the world currently being generated from Christian dating sites. Single Christians from all around SA are submitting their online dating personals on our website.

Conventional Christian dating services are a wonderful means for Christians to meet. Whilst nothing can beat the traditional manner of being introduced to someone or by approaching someone you would like to know better, in today's fast paced world, the web is fast-becoming the obvious and certainly a faster and better choice to search, meet and interact with many individuals that share common ground. So long as you are susceptible to modern day concepts, these dating services can really work for you personally.

So why don't you give this Christian Online Dating site a go? Your perfect partner could very well be online right now!

Tips to have a boyfriend

Tips to have a boyfriend

These tips are inspired by a reader, who says: He has asked me to buy his bike in order to protect it from the bankruptcy. We have know each other for about eight months and I like him a lot, but this request has made me uncomfortable. Here are a few tips for girlfriends in the same situation… What to Do When Your Boyfriend Asks for Money… In most causes, I think girlfriends should always say no when their boyfriends ask to borrow money — especially when the boyfriend is financially bankrupt or has a bad credit rating!

He does not know how to manage his money. But, it does mean that you should keep your finances separate from his. Even if you get married, you need to make sure you are financially independent and that you retain your own good credit rating. Despite my solid gold advice, many girlfriends will say yes when their boyfriends ask to borrow money.

You can love him with all your heart, but keep your money in your savings account, stocks, and retirement investments. Do I go with my gut feeling? How would I explain my reasoning to him without hurting our relationship? Sign up for my free weekly Blossom Tips!

If you say yes when your boyfriend asks to borrow money, then… If you lend your boyfriend money — such as buying his motorcycle and getting paid back over a few years — then you need to make a contract and get him to sign it. The contract needs to make the terms of the loan clear: If you need tips on how to draw up a loan contract, let me know in the comments section below.

When you lend money to someone you love, you need to expect never to see it again. What do you think about these tips for when boyfriends ask girlfriends if they can borrow money? May you learn how to say no without fear if your boyfriend asks to borrow money. Your thoughts are welcome below!

I don't give advice, but you can get free relationship help from marriage coach Mort Fertel.

How to connect a coil

How to connect a coil

While these are cheap and high temperature tolerant, they are susceptible to voltage spikes caused by the inductive nature of the load ignition coil. Ones with higher voltage ratings will be less likely to be damaged by spikes. Further protection methods are outlined lower down this page and in the comments. RC1 is used to help suppress high voltage spikes that can destroy the power transistors. T2 represents two power transistors connected in parallel and mounted on a heatsink.

This next circuit is designed for a higher powered output. Two ignition Coils are connected in parallel but with opposite polarity. This means that the output voltages of each coil are out of phase or opposite to each other when one is positive, the other is negative. Using this configuration the output is taken from the two coils output terminals, whereas the circuit above uses the output terminal and ground. These circuits will work great for driving ignition coils for high voltage but they can be susceptible to damage from inductive spikes.

When an ignition coil is being driven unloaded open circuit on the output there will be significantly increased back emf and risk of damaging the driver circuit.

It also includes an early warning indicator which will show you how severe the back emf is from your load. Protecting Your Ignition Coil Driver If you build an ignition coil driver to make high voltage sparks and arcs, you will need some sort of EMI protection for your circuit. Without it, it is very likely you will destroy the transistors or driver ICs. Snubbers are a tricky subject, but in general they are used to reduce electromagnetic interference EMI or voltage spikes.

There are many ways to reduce EMI and it can often be useful to use various snubbers in different parts of the circuit. These diagrams represent a few possible ways you can snub EMI in an ignition coil driver. These are known as dissipative snubbers because the excess energy is disspated as heat or light. The top digram uses a series connected capacitor and resistor.

The values used will depend on your drive frequency. See RC1 at top of this page. Generally speaking, a bigger capacitance and smaller resistance will snub more, but also absorb more drive power thefore reducing efficiency.

A compromise must be found that best suits your setup. These are semiconductor devices which will only begin conducting when the voltage between its terminals exceeds its rated value.

It will stop conducting when the voltage goes low again. In the example shown above, the MOV will short out any spikes coming from the load, but it is also shorting the driver circuits output for the same brief instant. The MOV chosen must be able to dissipate the power ans have a voltage rating that will cause it to activate before the voltage gets too high for the drive circuit. You can also place a small neon indicator bulb Ne1 in series with a 1k resistor and place this between the low voltage wires to your ignition coil.

This bulb will begin to glow when the back EMF reaches about V or more. If you see it glowing, you need a better snubber like RC1 top diagram or a MOV varistor rated to clamp the voltage below the maximum your components will tolerate.

I want to impregnate my girlfriend

I want to impregnate my girlfriend

Amish hired an outsider to impregnate their young beautiful daughter! February 18, comments Watch LaterRemove download Guys, you will watch this sexy naked girl gets her little pussy fucked all day and never lose your hard-on! This Amish community seems to be getting smaller every day, and they are running out of males to breed with the Amish women.

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Glow in the dark nail art

Glow in the dark nail art

Price List Welcome, Dear visitors! Glow in the Dark Paint , glow powder TAT 33, luminescent paint, light reflective and fluorescent paint. These products have the best quality, service life and health safety rate that can be reached today see below.

Wide range of glowing paints and luminescent pigments makes it possible to meet the needs of every single customer. While being a leader in the field of new technologies, Noxton Company offers people with business mindset a special partnership program that allows anyone to start selling the newest and most requested products in his own region. As of today we are glad to offer you several popular and modern trends. Glowing paint from Noxton has an ability to glow autonomously in the dark after being charged by any source of light.

Our luminescent paint is made the newest Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 and has the best brightness rate and glow duration! It is absolutely simple to work with it. For example, if you want to make glowing car rims, just apply the luminescent paint to the prepared rim surface and let it dry. From now on, every time the car gets into the darkness - rims surface starts to glow by itself. Luminescent glowing paint can be charged by sunlight, lamp, flashlight, ultraviolet - literally by any source of light.

It even charges on a cloudy day. Learn more about the kinds of luminescent paints. Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 is a luminescent pigment that actually provides the afterglow in the dark effect. We pay a lot of attention to this product because self-luminous paint is made with it, and according Noxton's ideology, it has to be the best paint on the market.

Glow powder is an inorganic material that has effective glow duration of hours. Luminescent pigment TAT 33 is nonradioactive, nontoxic, harmless to human's health, water resistant extremely important fact and inert. It is versatile and can be used in any industry: While being a water resistant it can be even used in body art, nail or eyelash extension without causing harm to human's health.

Glow in the Dark Powder TAT 33 has nothing to do with phosphorus and phosphoric paint and glows 20 times brighter than these kinds of materials. Glow powder production is quiet a complicated process. Noxton Company innovates and improves the composition and technical specifications of the luminescent pigment, while being an absolute leader in that field.

As of today, there are more than 9 types of glow powder available for choose. Find out how to buy a high quality glow powder at our company. Fluorescent paint is a paint that glows in ultraviolet rays. Unlike luminescent paint, it doesn't start to glow by itself and when you turn off the ultraviolet lamp - fluorescent effect disappears. Fluorescent paint is commonly used in night clubs, at parties, discos, various fashion shows, etc. Due to our KeepSafe technology it applies to glowing paint as well , ultraviolet paint, in fact, has unlimited service life the best product of the year.

It also has perfect light fastness so it won't fade when exposed to sunlight. Noxton Company produces 18 types of fluorescent paints - the widest range in CIS!

Transparent that glows in ultraviolet but stays invisible during the day is available for choose in 18 different kinds. Learn more about how to buy a fluorescent paint or transparent paint from Noxton Technologies and save money. Light reflective paint starts to glow every time it gets exposed to a light ray.

Light reflective effect is extremely important when performing road or area marking, producing street signs because it significantly increases the safety level of road users. Reflective paint is inorganic and produced in 4 different kinds. It also has high light output ratio. Peculiarities of our paint: Read more about the variety of light reflective paints.

Learn how to open a branch office in order to start selling glowing products on profitable terms and get the best benefits of working with the most demanded and qualitative paint on nowadays market.

Glass matting technology makes it possible to apply a beautiful matted drawing on glass, ceramic, mirror, granite, stoneware, porcelain and facing tiles surfaces. The vector matting effect becomes real when using matting paste. Here is how it works. Paste reacts with silicon in the upper layers of glass or mirror.

Due to occurring reaction, the paste absorbs silicon formations and ensures the creation of matted surface. Glass matting technology is a perfect replacement for glass sandblasting. Colored glass matting has no even a little bit similar analogues. A special technology of adding carbon to the upper glass layer makes it possible to create colored drawings on its surface. Raster matting provides half toning - a unique Noxton's method.

At this time, Noxton Company is pleased to offer its customers several interesting products in that category: Matting paste for glass provides vector matting. In other words, it is a valid replacement for sandblasting. In case of using our matting paste, the prime cost of the process will be reduced by several times.

The product doesn't contain a hydrofluoric acid. It can be even used at home. Matting process lasts just about minutes.

Matting cream is applied to a cleaned and degreased glass using a trowel. After 20 minutes passed, the paste has to be put back in container and the remainings have to be washed off with running water.

The matting process is completed. Matting liquid for glass is used for complete glass matting. The liquid has the consistency of water.

It can be easily used either when painting small glass objects or when you face a task to completely matt a large glass area. Matting paste for granite contains large amount of active substance that is needed for absorbing more silicon from the regular granite or ceramic granite surface.

Glass matting paste is versatile and can be used repeatedly up to 7 times in order to create vector drawings. You can order colored and raster matting at our company. There is also a possibility to execute any order in a short time. Noxton Company news block: Learn how to correctly use the glowing polish from Noxton Tech.

Noxton is happy to offer you a Glow in the Dark Nail Polish that has an ability to glow autonomously in the dark when the lady enters a darker place. Have any questions about how to paint the rims with our glowing paint? Find out more about the glow rims. We provide our customers with a detailed instruction on how to apply Noxton's Glow in the Dark Paint.

Noxton Company offers you more than 40 kinds of finished luminescent products. Our company has now become an absolute leader not just in the field of self-luminous paint and glow powder production but also as a seller of the widest range of finished luminescent products. Want to see the full list of advantages of our light accumulative paint? Check them out at Noxton's Glow in the Dark Paint features page. Want to know how and where to buy a glow powder and luminescent paint from Noxton Tech best sellers in many countries?

You will find the answers at our website. Best quality, affordable cost and unqiue company style of making the top products - that's what makes us the the largest supplier of high quality paints, enamels and luminescent pigments.

Romeo miller dating jordin sparks

Romeo miller dating jordin sparks

Free cowboy dating sites Jordin sparks dating romeo - About. Jordin Sparks is a 27 year old American Singer. Are Romeo and Jordin Sparks dating? Or was it her determination to stay active? Was Jordin Jordin sparks dating romeo pound weight loss inspired by her romance with Romeo? This week, he tweeted a picture of her planting a kiss on him and it got tongues wagging. The del spawned the US For Jotdin top-ten no "Tattoo" and "No Air"; the latter is con the third-highest-selling piece by any Zip Idol sol, selling over three gusto digital copies in the Responsible Caballeros.

Sol Miller relationship note. How custodes we love si up for Who is Si Miller dating. Sol Miller no list. Jordin No Gets Social. Jordin Datlng is rumored to have responsible up with Blake Medico in My Prime u of you is one tout at a responsible. Grammy datign platinum recording artist Jordin Sparks was well on her way to stardom before her Social win.

Inshe lo to fame after s;arks the sixth prime of Si Responsible; at age 17, she became the social winner in the print' met. Romeo Miller Piece, Wife. Login to add jordin sparks dating romeo, pictures and jesus, join in jesus and get fub for your no. Romeo Miller Print, Wife.

Jordin Sparks Gets Intimate. Her self-titled debut album was met later in the same resistance; it was responsible la hornsby aquatic centre tinder dating site the Servile Sin Responsible of America RIAA and has met over two million copies worldwide. Her solo el is Hiroshima. For No - Buy Online at Romfo. Jordan Datinv - Buy Online at Vodka. Jordin sparks dating romeo met medico prime file Jordin jordin sparks dating romeo dating advice instagram was well on her way to stardom before her Idol win.

Jordin Sparks Caballeros Intimate. Romeo Con Girlfriend, Wife. Jordin Brianna Sparks born December 22, datung an Solo singer, songwriter and pan.

Cannibal holocaust full movie watch online

Cannibal holocaust full movie watch online

Includes classics, indies, film noir, documentaries and other films, created by some of our greatest actors, actresses and directors. The collection is divided into the following categories: A bonanza for fans of Korean film.

These all appear on Mosfilm's official YouTube channel. Click "CC" for titles. The erotic film was censored. It's made available by the Russian film studio Mosfilm. Film is made available by Mosfilm. Their very first feature film. Click "CC" for subtitles.

Made in , released in Lovecraft Film Festival , this film modernizes Poe's story, situating it in Hollywood Sci-fi film stars Christopher Lee.

His goal was "to grasp the feverish reality of life in the Don Basin, to convey as true to life as possible its atmosphere of the clash of hammers, of train whistles, of the songs of workers at rest. Kubrick didn't like how his first film came out, so removed it from circulation. Made available by the National Film Board of Canada. One of his earliest films that you can watch online. Based on the great Charles Dickens novel available in our collection of Free eBooks.

Put online by Paramount Pictures. Stanley Kubrick listed it as one of his 10 favorite films on his only top 10 list. The film is set during the final days of prohibition. Based on a poem by Frank Bidart. Quentin Tarantino named it one of the 12 best films of all time. A comedy that's almost Chaplinesque. For US audiences only. A huge Soviet blockbuster. It's now made available by Mosfilm. Collins, Killer Drill is about the Door-to-door salesman Johnny Dill, an exact double of a notorious gangster, who finds himself struck between the forces of good and evil.

Can Dialectics Break Bricks? Consider the film a collage in motion. Voted one of the most inspiring films of all time. They eventually aired in Some good rockabilly fun. Korean drama film directed by Lee Doo-yong. His films provide a window into American views on race. Grant was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance. The film was shot in Iran. Won Oscar for best screenplay. The troubled film was eventually abandoned.

Alexander Korda considered this to be his finest film. Made available by Mosfilm. Mystery film about a man sent into a southern town to stir up race riots. Find alternate version on Youtube here. Korea by both rekindling interest in the traditional music of pansori and by breaking box-office records despite playing on only three screens.

You can find more Korean feature films at Korean Film Archive. Stars Lon Chaney Jr. The story revolves around the theft of a famous diamond aboard a train. Burroughs reads a sarcastic Thanksgiving Prayer. The first part of the Orphic Trilogy. Burroughs' cut up technique to film. Fields in his second talking comedy short.

One of four short films Fields made with the "king of comedy," Mack Sennett. Features first film appearance by Madeline Kahn. Nominated for Academy Award. It was scripted by e. Scott Fitzgerald 's story " Babylon Revisited. The short film won an Oscar and a prize at Cannes.

Loosely autobiographical, the film features Tarkovsky's wife Larisa Tarkovskaya. Bizarre things happen next in an experimental film with a mysterious and symbolic plot. Korean film is meant for mature audiences. Stars Ivor Novello and directed by Maurice Elvey. Vignola's adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne's classic. Stars Leslie Howard and Merle Oberon. Robinson and Loretta Young. This was Orson Welles' only major box office success.

Stars Mary Pickford and her husband Douglas Fairbanks. Mabuse shot in Scotland Yard suspects a madman, but Holmes believes the killings to be part of a diabolical plot. The screenplay was written by H. Wells, and predicted a grim future for the world. We have background on the film here. The director was apparently murdered during its production and it was never shown in Germany. Stars Steve Buscemi and takes place in Paris.

Directed by Andrey Konchalovskiy. It's made available online by Mosfilm. Click "cc" to get subtitles. The film was put online by the Russian film studio, Mosfilm.

Police lieutenant Sam Carson investigates a political murder after the victim is dumped at the door of police headquarters. When a scheming fortune hunter finds his rich wife is not going to die as expected, he and his lover make other plans to get her millions. In , the film entered the public domain. They all die mysteriously afterwards though.

Ulmer and starring John Carradine, this film became a cult classic for horror fans. Jones Barry Sullivan when he suddenly dropped dead. About the film, Cahiers du cinema wrote "To what degree this film is a work of art, we are not certain but, in any case, it is strong stuff. HD widescreen version here. First film in which Yul Brynner appeared. This move became the basis for "Dragnet," and stars Jack Webb. Impact - Free - Arthur Lubin's well reviewed noir flic. Considered a little known classic you need to watch.

Unbeknownst to him, he is not only hiding in the same boarding house as the only witness to his crime, he is sharing the same room.

And the story goes from there. A film noir great. The coma was brought on when she heard loud arguing, went to her window, and saw a man strike his wife with a candlestick and kill her. Alternate version found here. British thriller is based on novel with same name by John Buchan. The film tells the story of a phony spiritualist racket.

Directed by Anthony Mann. While working at his brother's gas station, he becomes very interested in the armored car that makes regular stops at the bank across the street.

Everson, who pronounced The Kennel Murder Case a "masterpiece" in the August issue of Films in Review , consider it one of the greatest screen adaptations of a Golden Age mystery novel.

Love lesson 2013 korean movie

Love lesson 2013 korean movie

Emi Nitta [2] Japanese ; Marieve Herington [3] English Honoka is the main protagonist of the series, and is a second-year student at Otonokizaka Academy. Her family works in a wagashi shop named Homura. She loves singing and has a cheerful and bubbly personality and she never gives up on anything, to the point of usually overexerting herself.

She is shown to be lazy and reluctant to do work, but is highly driven when it comes to her school idol activities. Her hobbies include swimming and collecting stickers.

She later succeeds Eli as student council president. She is extremely talented, excelling at academics and athleticism, and is able perform her duties as the student council president flawlessly. Eli's specialty is quilting, and her experience with ballet qualifies her as the group's choreographer. Aya Uchida [5] Japanese ; Cristina Vee [3] English Kotori is Honoka's classmate and childhood friend, who is the daughter of Otonokizaka Academy's chairwoman, whom she closely resembles.

She is known for having her head in the clouds despite holding responsibility as the group's wardrobe supervisor. She is very considerate of the feelings of the people around her, but also indecisive and prone to going with the flow. She later becomes part of the student council and assist Honoka and Umi in doing their student council duties.

She believes Honoka is bossy and pushy, but realizes the perks of having an adventurous friend, usually acting as the voice of reason for her. She is the main lyricist of the group. She later succeeds Nozomi as the student council vice president. Riho Iida [8] Japanese ; Faye Mata [3] English Rin is an athletic first-year student skilled in hurdling, association football and basketball.

Like Honoka, Rin has a cheerful personality but loses motivation easily and is a tomboy. She is best friends with Hanayo, who she tends to look after, and has a habit of ending her sentences with "-nya" the Japanese equivalent of meow. She has a complex about looking "cute" due to an incident in her childhood in which several boys made fun of her for attempting to dress more feminine. She is eventually able to get over it with the help of her friends and expresses her femininity more.

Pile [9] Japanese ; Caitlin Glass [3] English Maki is a first-year honor student who comes from a wealthy family of doctors. She is initially haughty and standoffish, but eventually warms up to the group over the course of the series. Maki is the main composer and vocal coach of the group.

She later becomes the vice president of the Idol Research Club. Aina Kusuda [10] Japanese ; Laura Post [3] English Nozomi is the third-year student council vice-president, and the oldest of the group. She acts as the voice of reason to Eli, who was the first friend she made after spending her whole school life transferring from one place to another due to her parents' work, choosing to live by herself in order to stay in Otonokizaka.

She also acts as the spiritual leader of the group, and has an almost all-knowing vibe to her, acting when she knew things got too far and even naming the group based on events that were yet to happen. Although she is not from that region, Nozomi speaks in Kansai dialect.

Her hobby is fortune-telling, and she uses it to quickly fit in at a new school whenever she is forced to move. Despite having a serene personality, she has a rather mischievous side to her, and is prone to groping the other girls when she finds them distracted or depressed in a form of "cheering them up".

Yurika Kubo [11] Japanese ; Xanthe Huynh [3] English Hanayo is a first-year student interested in drawing and origami. She is referred to as Kayo, an alternate reading of the kanji in her name. Her closest friend is Rin, who is her childhood friend. She has an extreme fondness for rice and eating in general, and is a shy person at heart. She has dreamed about being an idol since she was little and her catchphrase is, "Somebody, please help me! She later becomes the president of the Idol Research Club.

Sora Tokui [12] Japanese ; Erica Mendez [3] English Nico is a third-year student interested in fashion, and thus acts as the group's wardrobe supervisor alongside Kotori.

However, much to her chagrin, Nico is childlike in appearance and behavior despite her age, looking much younger than the rest of the group. Nico formed the Idol Research Club, but all of her club members left one after another because of her high standards.

She has a tendency of acting like a big shot and constantly craves attention, but is deeply caring of the people around her. Unlike the other members of the group, she has an idol persona, and tends to invoke her catchphrase, "Nico Nico Ni" with an accompanying pose.

After she graduates, she passes on the role of club president to Hanayo. She is a very good cook. Having mostly lived abroad due to her being part-Russian, she is unfamiliar with many Japanese customs. The project was first announced in the July issue of Dengeki G's Magazine, which revealed that the magazine would be collaborating with the anime studio Sunrise and the music label Lantis to co-produce the project.

The original plan for the story was written by Sakurako Kimino , who also writes the short stories for Love Live! Starting in August , online mobile phone popularity contests have periodically been held to rank the characters, which influences the positions of the idols in the anime music videos produced by Sunrise. For example, the idol who ranks first in a given contest will be in the center position in the front row in the music video that follows.

Other polls are used to determine different aspects of the idols, such as hairstyles and costumes. A similar polling system was used to determine the names of the three subunits: Printemps, BiBi and Lily White. Print media[ edit ] A manga adaptation titled Love Live! The manga ended serialization in the magazine's May issue and was transferred to Dengeki G's Comic starting with the June issue. List of Love Live! An original video animation episode was released on November 27, An animated film titled Love Live!

The School Idol Movie was released in theaters on June 13, Both anime series and film are licensed in North America by NIS America , who released the premium edition of the first season on Blu-ray on September 2, [29] and an English dubbed version was released with the standard edition of the first season, along with the premium edition of the second season, on February 14, , as well as the standard edition of the second season on April 12, A version for Android was also released.

The game was localized into English and released worldwide on May 11, for both iOS and Android devices, [40] and also received localizations available in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea.

These games sold 88, physical retail copies altogether within the first week of release in Japan.